Workshops held in English: Healing Paths For Solitary Twins

Relief: Healing Paths For Solitary Twins (Alone Born Twins, Surviving Twins, Wombtwins, Lost Twins)

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Are you often suffering from unexplainable loneliness and the feeling that something is always missing?

Do you often feel guilty without any reason? Does splitting up in a love relation feel like having to die?

Would you like your partner much closer than he or she wants to be with you? Or do you love your partner but as soon as he or she gets closer you get the runs?

Are you often in panic that you partner leaves you?

Are you suffering from panic attacks or suffering from strong  fear of dying?

Do you have difficulties in taking your space?

Do you earn the correct amount of money corresponding to your effort and your skills?

Are you very empathetic with the people around you and forget about your own feelings and needs?

If these questions apply to you it is quite likely that started the journey into life in your mother’s womb together with a twin brother or sister who died during pregnancy. This happens in around every fourth pregnancy.  Individuals who loose a twin or even two triplets are often referred to as „solitary twins„, „surviving twins“  or „alone-born twins„.

Another term coined by our esteemed colleague Althea Hayton from England is „womb twin survivor.“ Many solitary twins grapple with feelings of loneliness, longing, profound guilt, panic, and more. Despite trying various therapies, many have not experienced significant improvement.

This weekend is for you if you are aware or suspect that you did not embark on life’s journey alone. but rather had a twin in the womb who passed away during pregnancy. With gentleness, we delve into prenatal memories to rediscover the tender love for the other twin and to open the surviving twin’s heart. By reconnecting with the other twin, mental turmoil can find peace, and the search reaches its culmination.

Upon rediscovery of the other twin, it’s time for wounds and confusion to heal. Each solitary twin survivor follows their unique path to healing, which we support through exercises and rituals. Often, loving attention is required for the pain and grief, allowing space for joy and gratitude for the intense closeness shared in the womb, a love that remains forever in the heart.

For many survivors, addressing the shock experienced when the other twin died is crucial for healing. We guide you into the eye of the  cyclone and help you to understand and heal what has happened to you when you were so small. The energetic void created by the twin’s passing may gradually heal and close. The love and the telepathic understanding in perfect unity that you have experienced with you twin will stay with you.

Throughout the weekend, we engage in partner exercises and activities in small groups drawn from family constellation, energetic trauma therapy, Biodynamic bodywork, rituals, and inner journeys, adapting as needed. It feels so good to share with people who experienced similar issues .

In a respectful and supportive group environment, healing is invited, paving the way for a love of life, fulfilling relationships, and satisfying work lives. We can help you to understand traps in love live and how to to have a successful and loving relationship.

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